How to Create Change

Change is the one constant in life. Change happens with or without our control. But I want to focus on the change we can indeed control. In order for us to produce change, we have to be willing. We have to want change. We have to let go of habits or attitudes that deter change. We have to take action.

Stop Complaining

If you want change in your life, one thing that we must do is learn to not constantly keep complaining. Complaining doesn’t lead to anything positive. I understand that it’s easier to complain. I am guilty of it. I look in my past journals and it saddens me that I have complained about the same things for years. It’s “I want to be in love, where is my guy?” or the classic “I want to have more adventure and fun in my life, I’m bored.” Year after year, I’ve complained about not being in a relationship or being bored. Yet, I haven’t taken enough action. The time spent complaining was wasted when I could have been doing something to create the change I want.

One additional reason why you should stop complaining:

No one enjoys being around a whiner… If you become a person that constantly complains, people will distance themselves from you because no one wants to be around negative energy.

Make a List

I’m a list and bullet point kind of girl. I find that making lists helps me to get things done. This is especially helpful if you’re always on the go. When it comes to making changes, it could help to write what it is you dislike about your life. Then, also create another list of things that you could do to work it out.

Take Action

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It would be great if life were simple. If what we want could just fall into our laps. That would be wonderful. But consider the things you’ve obtained. Didn’t it require some planning, hard work and effort on your part? We have to be willing to make an effort and keep going. Do something about it. Change will require us to get a little uncomfortable but taking action is a step forward to creating what you want.

What are some ways you create change in your life?

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