How To Cope When Your Plans Don’t Work Out

The reality of life is that the things we plan don’t always work out. We find ourselves in unexpected places, situations and events. This can be difficult to deal with.

My experiences have led me to understand that sometimes your plans don’t work out but you have to learn to still ride the wave. Here are the ways you can continue to ride the wave instead of giving up on yourself.

Be Honest about How You Feel

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When things don’t work out as we planned, we sometimes go numb. We want to isolate ourselves and become a recluse. It’s best to be honest with ourselves and those we are close to about how we feel about situations and events in our lives. This matters because I’ve found that when I admit my emotions, I feel better. I also free myself by being able to let it go because I admit what is.

Admitting your challenges and failures to those close to you helps you feel better.

Accept What Is

It is hard to accept things that aren’t what you want but it is necessary because fighting and resisting life will only make you bitter and negative. You decide if that’s the way you want to live your life?

We should look at things the way they are. By accepting what is, we can focus our attention on a way forward, the next step based on how things are.

By accepting what is, we can focus our attention on a way forward,

Believe in Something

Having something to believe in truly helps you when things don’t occur as expected. For me, that is my faith. It helps me to continue to carry on knowing that God has a plan for me that is for my good.

If you’re not religious or spiritual, then maybe you can believe in what you see around you. That could be the value of your family, friends, community or relationship. Let that belief help to fuel you. To help you know you can persevere and keep going even though your plans didn’t manifest as you hoped.

Have a Positive Outlet

One way to get through and deal with things when your plan doesn’t work out is to have a positive outlet. This could truly help you channel your emotions in a way that will help you get through. For me, it’s writing which I feel often helps me to heal when my life feels uncertain. Writing is the best way for me to express and strengthen myself. It’s a way to get through failed plans by focusing on what’s good and gives me joy.

Having a positive outlet helps you channel emotions in a way to get through difficult times.

Do you have an experience when things didn’t work out for you? How did you get through it?

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