How Strong is Your Love for YOU?

There are times when I think about the life I have. I compare it to the life I want. The comparisons can agitate me. Then, I remind myself to love myself. After careful reflection, I can see that my love for myself is often weak. My love for myself was weak. We all deserve to treat ourselves better with love, with kindness.

If you’re not sure what I mean, I’ve set aside some questions for you to ponder:

  • Do you often put down compliments that others give you?

  • Do you praise yourself for your accomplishments?

  • Are you always comparing yourself to others, wishing you were someone else?

  • Do you constantly harbor negative thoughts about yourself and how others perceive you?

  • Do you belittle your own dreams/goals/interests/passions?

Think about those questions and be honest with yourself as you answer them. You might find just as I did that we are often not on our own side. We’re attacking ourselves and that could be the greatest cause of pain.

Also, practicing positive self-affirmations matters.

  • I’m beautiful/handsome.

  • I’m worthy of great friendships.

  • I’m worthy of a great relationship.

  • My dreams and goals matter. I’m capable of becoming all that I aspire to be.

  • I’m not perfect. I’ve made mistakes. I’ll make mistakes. I’ll forgive myself.

  • I’m worthy and deserving of a beautiful life. A life filled with fun, adventure, love, purpose and meaning. I’m worthy and deserving of a beautiful life.

  • My words matter. My voice matters. My voice is powerful.

  • I’m loved. I’m capable of loving. I’m filled with love.

That’s all.

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