How I Want to Thrive This Year

Happy New Year! I’ve been looking forward to 2017. There are some things I want to do this year such as…

  • Continue to work on my book by interviewing more people. If you’re interested or know someone who is interested in speaking to me about their experiences and perspectives as a foreigner in New York,  please pass on the post:
  • Profile more individuals in my blog who will offer insight, inspiration, or information.
  • Expand my blog to reach more like-minded individuals wanting to discuss and confront life’s challenges.
  • Find and participate in organizations/communities that work to support women, girls or young professionals.
  • Add a new fitness activity to my workouts.
  • Continue to make time to be in the places I adore.

How I Stick To My New Year’s Goals

Make Your Ambitions & Goals Known to Others

Though 2016 was difficult, I did what I aimed to do. For this year, I plan to keep my resolutions by continuing to write it down and putting it out there to make myself accountable. When I write and tell others what I’m working on, it’s a stimulus for me to do something about it.

You can choose to tell friends, family or some co-workers about your goals. That way, if you lose track of where you are, you can be reminded. You can be reminded when you go back to look at what you wrote. You can be reminded when someone asks you about your plans. Also, telling others could lead to meeting those who have similar goals and thus you support each other in moving forward.

Have Monthly Goals or Challenges

I remember a past supervisor once told me that each month, she sets resolutions for herself. In the month I spoke to her, she decided to take up a yoga class. When she told me this, I loved the idea. I incorporated it last year. When a new month arrived, I thought about things that I didn’t do that I was interested or curious about. It led me to join meetup groups and organizations where I met fascinating people that I enjoy being around with.

The monthly resolutions, goals, challenges can be in different aspects of your life. It could be work or personal. You should repeat these resolutions if they prove beneficial to your happiness. Having monthly goals can help put things into focus. When we think about new year resolutions, it can be easy to put things off because we say we have time. But if we create these little or big challenges (personal or workwise) each month, it could lead to the change we want in our lives.

Be Your Cheerleader

A way to continue on with your resolutions is to be your cheerleader. To praise yourself along the journey. Too often we don’t do this. Rather, we belittle or ignore our accomplishments and are on to the next thing. Or we beat ourselves up for not having things perfectly. We have to remember to praise ourselves for the progress we make along our journey. We have to validate ourselves for the effort we make to becoming a better version of ourselves. To changing.  To validate yourself is important. One way to validate yourself is by using positive self-affirmations. Speak to yourself as you would speak to a best friend.

Past Blog Post on Using Positive-Self Affirmations:

What are some ways you plan to keep your new year’s goals?

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