Henry Chiagozie on How To Get A Job In Nigeria

Henry Chiagozie is a Business News Reporter on Money Line, a program that airs on Africa Independent Television (AIT). He’s also a fashion illustrator and writer. In addition, as a fashion enthusiast, he envisions having his own brand in the likes of Prada and Gucci. Currently pursuing his Masters in Diplomatic Studies and Security, Henry also intends to be of service to organizations such as the United Nations and ECOWAS. Another goal of his is to spearhead initiatives to end gender violence. Lastly, he aspires to be a motivational speaker, to use his voice to encourage the youths.

For my interview with Henry, we discuss his ambitions and career experiences. We discuss youth employment in Nigeria. Though Henry is an excellent Business presenter with AIT, he actually studied International Relations. Yet, he was able to find open doors in media.

When You Build Yourself On Integrity & Work In Love, Jobs Will Find You

Henry Chiagozie on How To Get A Job In Nigeria-Part 1

Henry says that often times, based on how you build yourself, jobs come looking for you. Yet, here in Nigeria, the main issue that burdens the youth population is being able to have a source of adequate income and opportunities after graduation. The lack of opportunities and desire for immediate wealth can lead one to make the wrong choices. Henry addresses this challenge and serves encouragement on why the “fast money, fast life” is not the only lifestyle option.

We discuss the necessity for young people to build on their integrity. To embrace and have good relations with everyone they encounter. Henry places emphasis on the need to work in love which he states is a conscious effort that will positively impact how others see you.

Having Good Relations With Everyone You Meet Impacts Your Job Search

Henry Chiagozie on How To Get A Job In Nigeria-Part 2

Based on our interview, you can let me know your thoughts on what traits and skills you believe is most valuable for obtaining employment?

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