Guest Post: Sexual Violence Against Women Won’t Stop…Not Anytime Soon

Thinking back, one can only wonder how we got to this point. It is no longer strange to scroll through media channels and hear one news about violence of one form or another against the female gender. This is nothing new, but the recent trend is far more alarming.

To combat this, various groups have sprung up to fight for the rights of women and girls. Creating platforms and systems that allow women and girls to speak out and seek adequate help. Homes have been built, rehab centres are springing up here and there, empowerment groups are now prevalent.

While #MeToo is now a trending hashtag across social media platforms. Campaigns have rightly begun to curb the menace of sexual violence against women and girls. More women are being taught to expect it, as “all men are scum”, tools and strategies are being shared on how to live with sexual violence.

While certain extreme feminists have used this as a platform to sell certain warped ideas, some are doing everything within their power to see that this trend stops.

Now, men who are found guilty have been made to pay dearly in one way or the other. In the U.S, many politicians, business men, influencers and influential people have been subject to public disgrace, some have had to step down while others have been put in jail.

But guess what, sexual violence against women won’t stop…not anytime soon. This is because, while the intentions are right, most of the strategies being employed are totally wrong and will yield no results anytime soon.

What are we getting wrong, and what can be done…

It is rather heartbreaking to see that nobody is talking to the men about this. Most of our strategy seems to be corrective rather than preventive. More women are learning about how to defend themselves against an abuser, many more are learning about the effects of sexual violence on the victim, but nobody is talking to the possible perpetrator of this menace. We should be more preventive than corrective.

Sexual violence against women won’t stop because of how we treat those who have been found guilty. We publicly shame this people, put them in prison, stigmatize them and make their life miserable. These strategy have brought a certain level of result, but this strategy too will not last.

Just like corruption and illegal importation of drugs, we are telling the perpetrators of this act to find alternative methods of carrying out this act of violence. It now seems like, if you are not caught, you have nothing to worry about. Little wonder we now have victims of sexual violence who end up being murdered?

As we have seen, most correction centers (prisons) do little or nothing to correct behaviors.

What if we paid more attention to being preventive rather than corrective? What if we actively engaged the male folks in this fight against sexual violence, not to demean them, but get them to be ambassadors and advocates of this cause.

Why are we not paying attention to the emotional and mental development of the boy child as he grows through life? Why are we not paying attention to his growth through adolescence? Why are we not telling him about his responsibility in the general well-being of the female folks?

Through the music videos and others, most guys are being fed by the media, derogatory images and perceptions of what the female folks represent. Why is no one saying anything about the regulatory body that controls what goes into our media space?

While it is necessary, we can go on fighting for women rights, building homes for the abused, promoting campaigns against sexual violence. We will have little results…but until we start being preventive…

Sexual violence against women will not stop…not anytime soon.

What are your thoughts Ojobo Agbo’s perspective on sexual violence?

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