Goodbye New York

I’ll be leaving New York. So I’ve been thinking about what New York means to me. I’ve been thinking about my experiences here. What I’ve learned here. How I’ve grown here.

Coming back to New York after a while away made me excited and hopeful. I was coming back for college. As most students would attest, I was craving freedom and independence. I was craving beautiful memories. New York brought me people to learn from. New York brought me different passions to pursue. And I pursued those passions with determination. I was moving quickly that when uncertainty arrived, there was a feeling of loss. But as I began to move slowly, I uncovered all the amazing things I didn’t see. My last year in New York was my best.

I will miss Manhattan. There’s something about Manhattan that I love. It’s that movement and energy. There’s that sense of aliveness that I feel when I’m there.

I will miss the time spent at The MoMa and Guggenheim. God I love art. I stand and stare at these beautiful pieces and it brings me this sense of calm, peace and contentment. I will miss the theater. How could I not? I love words, stories and the theater brings it to life.

But I will not miss winter. Trying to move as the wind howls at me. I will not miss the trains, me having to squeeze myself in. I will not miss that one time someone spilled coffee on me. And I will not miss that other time someone kept leaning towards my shoulder as they were sleeping. I will not miss that sense of both feeling and not having belonging.

New York is a special place. You know I’ve said Goodbye to New York before and I came back. As I say Goodbye again, I can’t say if I’ll be back. But what I can say for now is Thank you New York for the experiences. Thank you for helping me grow. I’m sad to leave. But I can’t wait to leave. Goodbye New York.

When you think of New York, what comes to mind?

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