Girl Chat: How to Speak Up for Yourself

In the past, I’ve been a passive person. If someone offends or upsets me, I might not say anything. I let it go. I was that way because I don’t like confrontation. I was that way because it’s easier. Also, I would get caught up in wanting others to have the right impression of me rather than being honest about what I liked or disliked. But there’s this phrase that says “you show others how they should treat you.” I’ve really come to love and accept that phrase.

If you accept someone into your life that will disrespect you, or make you feel less than, then they will continue to treat you that way. What that does to you is make you feel inferior, insignificant and less than. It’s a terrible way to live going through life not feeling as though you matter.

If you accept people into your lives that will disrespect you, or make you feel less than, then they will continue to treat you that way.

I’m constantly learning that I have to be courageous to know when to speak up for myself. If not, I accept things that I don’t like. If I don’t, I put myself in a position to be pushed over and aside. If I don’t, people might decide to take advantage because they don’t think you know any better. In my new video, I share how as women, we can speak up for ourselves and why it matters.

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How to Speak Up for Yourself and Why It Matters

Is it easy or hard for you to express your authentic emotions with others and how do you do it?

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2 thoughts on “Girl Chat: How to Speak Up for Yourself

  1. Even though I’ve been shoved in roles and positions that should lit up my personality, I’ve still found myself shrinking under limelight and getting stuck behind curtains. I’m never also one to speak my mind or argue for what I believe in.
    You’re right, 2019 should be the year to make mindful steps to conquer that. Change is necessary to grow in this aspect.

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