Getting Through Your First Long Flight

Travelling is the dream. Having several adventures around the world is the lifestyle I would want to have 24/7. However, flying is not always as fun and glamorous as we see in the movies. I remember the longest flight I ever took. It was the flight from New York to Abuja. It was over a span of three days.

From New York City, the first stop was Atlanta. The flight lasted three hours. Then, it was time for a connecting flight to Lagos which lasted 11 hours. I spent a night in Lagos and then boarded a 50-minute flight to Kaduna. The Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport was still under construction then so I couldn’t have direct access to stop at Abuja. From Kaduna, I got on a ride to Abuja.

The trip from New York to Abuja certainly wasn’t an easy flight but I got through it. You too can get through a long flight. I have some tips that should make the journey a little less exhausting.

Pick A Good Seat On The Plane

First things first, endeavour to have a good seat on the plane. Some people like to be next to the window. As the plane takes off, they keep their eyes glued to the windows, in awe of the thrill of lifting off from the ground to the air. I am one of those people. Being able to have a window seat makes a flight experience much more enjoyable and relaxing for me. The seat you choose on the plane could determine that.

If you’re flying with someone you know, friend, relative or loved one, that’s great. You should partner and sit together because it makes things more fun and comfortable for you. That way, you don’t end up with a stranger who might make the journey difficult with their mannerisms.

Even if you aren’t flying with someone, try to pick an option that will make the trip nice and smooth for you.

Dress In A Comfortable Manner for the Setting

When getting ready for long flights, we have to take our dressing into consideration. Some like to be fashionable. Some like to be casual. Others may consider themselves to be controversial dressers. When preparing for long flights, there’s one common denominator you have to consider. That is comfort. You’re going to be spending a long time on the air so you don’t want to feel uncomfortable. As much as you love those nice pair of heels, you could do without it during your long journey. Trust me, it’s better for you to move freely in a pair of flats or small heels.

Have A Form Of Entertainment To Keep You Busy

It’s a must-have to have some form of entertainment when going through long journeys. Yes, typically in aeroplanes, there are often small screens for you to watch movies, series or even listen to the radio. However, not every airline has that option. In the case that you don’t board an aircraft that will offer you that, have something of your own. For me, that simply meant packing my books. I brought in a book for me to dive into when travelling to Abuja: “The Book of Awakening” by Mark Nepo. I also brought a notepad to take notes of the journey.

Bringing books along made the long trip bearable and interesting. I love writing and documenting my experiences. So pack in that favourite and appropriate thing of yours for the trip.

For more on getting ready to board your first long flight, check out the tips that Travelstart Nigeria offers in their infographic below.

Have you ever experienced a long flight? Let me know in the comments section how you were able to get through it.

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