Four Things We Love Our Family For

As we approach the holiday season, it’s a time to get together with family. It’s a time to get together with relatives and enjoy the festivities.

I know that no one’s family is perfect. There are always challenges. There are the little things that can get to us. But I believe family is important. My parents and my siblings add comfort, support, laughter, joy, and wisdom to my days.

I want to reflect on 4 reasons to appreciate the family for.

They Tell It Like It Is

I can always depend on my family members to tell me the truth of a situation. The truth might not be what we want to hear but it could be exactly what we need to hear. The truth could be something silly or fun that we can only expect the family to be bold enough to say.

I can always depend on my sister to tell me how she perceives a certain situation. To tell me what she thinks about the big and little thoughts and issues that I ponder. I truly appreciate her in my life because I know she will tell me how it is.

They Motivate and Inspire Us

Our family can motivate us in our pursuits and goals. My mother continues to be a great source of motivation and inspiration to me. Often times I doubt my path but her words of wisdom always serve as an encouragement to me. My mother’s words of wisdom often help me to strengthen my faith in God.

They Support Us

My brothers and I at my university graduation.

I appreciate that my family supports me. I know that I’m fortunate to have that. I’m fortunate to have a roof over my head. I’m fortunate to have educated parents and siblings support me in my pursuits.

They Get Us

My family are the group of people that I am most comfortable with. They get me the most. My brothers and sister get me because we’ve grown up together. They know my characteristics. They know my personality. They know what makes me laugh. They know my dreams and goals. It’s a comforting thing to be around family because you don’t have to explain yourself. They know you and they get you.

What are some things you appreciate about your family?

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