Five Tips on How to Be Focused

There’s a constant word that most people have used to describe me, it’s “focused.” People always tell me that they admire that I’m focused and do what I say I’ll do. Being focused is just a part of my personality and it’s helped me. Being focused has helped me to be productive and remain motivated when I lack it. If you struggle with focus, then I’m here to help you. Here are my top five tips on how to be focused.

Write a List to Get Organized 

I write things down not only because I love to write but also because it helps me remember what my goals and plans are. If you find that you lack focus, it’s time to start taking notes on a notepad or your phone. This is great especially for people like me who are often thinking about their next step in life. Writing things down helps me to know where I should begin and go from there.

Writing things down helps me to know where I should begin and go from there.

Take Social Media Breaks

I’m not the kind of person that needs to be on social media every day. I just can’t because it can be very distracting and sometimes overwhelming for me. For me, it’s good to always take a day or two or even more breaks from social media.

While on social media, we can easily get distracted by things that might not even directly affect our lives in any way. This distraction will take time away from doing what’s important and matters to us.

Don’t Take In Much More than You Can Handle

I used to be so guilty of this in the past, especially my university days when I thrived on busyness for the sake of my CV. At the end of the day, I would feel overwhelmed. Plus, I wouldn’t be very effective because I was doing and thinking about too many things.

When I learned to focus my attention on just a few things, it helped me to not only be less stressed but to also, put in great work.

It’s always best to have a limit. You are human and yes you might disappoint and displease some people but you have to do what’s best for you. Taking some items from the list you create can and will help you be more focused. This is because it allows you to dedicate more time to what you’re more invested in and also more time to have fun.

Taking some items off the list helps you get more done and have fun too.

Be in a Space that Fuels Your Spirit

Our environment does affect our ability for us to be focused or not. For me, that is a quiet, clean and organized space. When I’m in such a space, it’s very easy for me to remain focused and get things done. When I want to write, I prefer silence or at times, classical music. For you, things might be different. Consider what kind of space helps you to really concentrate and then create or get yourself to such environments.

Schedule Things Ahead of Time

Scheduling things makes my life easier. That’s why I love to have calendars in my room or use my phone. Scheduling things not only makes you organized but improves focus. This is because you’ll be able to plan things ahead of time. This helps you to know what’s to come so this is what you can handle for now. Yes, I know life is still always unpredictable but scheduling things helps you have just that little bit of control.

Those are my top five tips on how to be focused. Which one have you already mastered or need to work on?

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