Ending Of A Decade: Reflections from Teen Years to Adulthood

As we approach a new decade, I can’t help but reflect on the changes in my life. I go back in time and I see the girl I was at 16. I walk around clumsily to take a seat in a classroom where I feel slightly uncomfortable being one of the two only black children in the school. As a teenager, I was mostly upset. Upset at my life. Moving from one country to another. Always starting life anew. Not forming lasting connections and craving a place to belong. At 16, I was terribly anxious about my future. Where would I go to university? Should I study Literature, or should I be practical and go to law school? As a teenager, I was also enamoured with love. I wanted someone to sweep me off my feet and save me from my misery. My idea of love then was having someone save you from unhappiness.

As a teen, one of the highlights in my life was my first kiss. The result of a truth or dare game. I can’t forget because he left such a sweet taste in my mouth. The other highlight was graduating. I remember standing up in the podium to give my Salutatorian speech. I felt certain that life would be easier after college and I would be an instant success.

Life in college was certainly not easier but it was where I started to change. I wanted to belong somewhere. I found belonging among creatives. My literature classes brought me much joy. I found belonging in feminism. Being part of a women’s group on campus and hosting discussions left me with a strong sense of service and purpose. I started to understand myself more.

Now as an adult, I think about how much I’ve grown from that very shy, awkward girl I used to be. I finally learned to love myself. This was difficult for me to do as a teen. Back then, I felt inadequate. I wished I were different. More fun. More beautiful. More out-going. Just more than I was. Now, I learn to revel in all that God’s created me to be. In-spite of imperfections, fears and failures, I am still wonderfully created. There is light in me. There is wisdom in me. There is unquestionable strength in me. There is his glory in me.

As an adult, I learn that I will keep learning. As an A student in high school and university, I believed I knew everything. But I graduated and I realized I knew very little. There was much to learn in entering the workforce. I tried and failed and then I learned how to listen. I learn how to take feedback. I learn how to communicate and work effectively with others. Adulthood opened my eyes to the fact that life is more than grades.

As an adult, I have a better sense of appreciation for God. I may not always understand him. Sometimes I question him and get angry but in my quiet moments, I still marvel at him. I marvel at how he has kept me alive and well all these years. I marvel at how he never left my side from being the angry and lost teen to the confident and resilient adult that I am. I marvel at how he has changed me. I marvel at the wonder of life he has given me. The amazing mother he has given me. The blessings to have grown up in a home where I’m properly cared for. As an adult, I marvel and appreciate my creator.

For the next decade, I envision more. I see family. I see my own family. I see myself next to a Godly man and our beautiful children to care for. I see myself looking at my children with so much love and awe of what they will become. I see myself having adventures within and outside of Nigeria. I see myself consuming different cultural dishes. I see myself writing books. Selling hard-copies, soft-copies and E-copies. I see myself speaking to others in large rooms and stages about overcoming pains, vulnerabilities and sadness. I pour my truth out of me so as to strengthen you in your vision.

For the next decade, I see myself loving life in a new way. Savoring the moment and the people I’m blessed to share it with. I see myself stronger. Marching forward in-spite of any barrier or disappointment. I remain undefeated. I see myself happier. Laughing more. Dancing more. I see myself loving life more.

How Do You Envision The Next Decade?

Ikponmwonsa Omoruyi shares her perspective on her decade in review and how to prepare for what’s next to come. Ikponmwonsa is known as Gift Patrick.

The youngest of ten siblings, Gift was born and raised in Nigeria, where she received her bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. In 2014, she moved to the United States to pursue her M.A. in Communications and Media Studies. From there, she transitioned to Group SJR, a storytelling content marketing agency where she works as an account director and content strategist. Never a stranger to hard work, Gift has dedicated her time to serving her clients. But throughout her three years at SJR, Gift has also been building a side hustle.

Her online series, “My Daily Dose of Inspiration and Positive Affirmations,” is the perfect outlet for the bountiful energy she brings to any room.

In the series, Gift invites an insightful guest to sit down with her in a comfortable setting. Then, they do what Gift loves best: They have a meaningful conversation. These guests range from pastors to business gurus, and while the chat travels down the path of each person’s vastly different life journey, it always ends at a point of wisdom. There’s no explicit advice-giving here; it’s an effort to bring listeners in and leave them feeling better—which is just how Gift feels after a heart-to-heart talk with one of her siblings.

Now, tell me about your decade in review and what more is to come?

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