Do You: 4 Tips On Accepting Yourself

We have to be accepting of ourselves. Becoming accepting of ourselves entails staying true to who we are. Being able to express ourselves and having the courage to go after the lives we seek is acceptance.

1. Express Yourself

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What do you enjoy doing? What are your passions or interests and hobbies? I love literature, media and women’s issues. That’s why I chose the major and minors that I have in college. I’m living my truth and I’m finally learning to be content with it. You should have a positive mindset about the things that matter to you. If it matters to you, it matters.

2. Speak Your Truth

It’s great to express yourself but it’s also important to share it. It’s important to share it for connection. It’s important to share it because it helps you be alright with being you: Authenticity. That’s key but often not, we don’t want to speak our truth. Don’t resist. Speak your truth and be alright with it.

3. Be By Yourself

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To accept yourself is to know yourself. To know yourself requires time spent with yourself. We have to learn to be with ourselves. We shouldn’t be afraid of who we are. Also, we shouldn’t be worried about how others will perceive us for either wanting or needing to spend time with ourselves. We waste time worrying what people think of us.

I’ve been guilty of this. If I find myself wanting to go to a movie but not having someone accompany me, I start to think “I want to see this movie but I can’t go alone.” That’s not important. Yet I’m sure, I’m not the only one who has this thought. By having those thoughts, I’m telling myself that other people’s perception of me is more important that doing what I want.  If you can’t learn to be by yourself or do the things you enjoy without depending on others, your relationship with others will be toxic.You will become dependent on others. You will need to be with someone. Rather, you should want to be with or around someone.

4. Forget “Ideal”

We tell ourselves that it’s ideal for us to act a certain way. If you’re not comfortable with a certain thing or acting a certain way, do what makes you feel happy. Act the way that is natural to you.

It’s not only us but others that reinforce this “ideal” for us. I used to have a close friend that I didn’t feel comfortable with when it came to discussing crushes that I had on men who weren’t black.  I use to think that didn’t make me the “ideal black woman.”

If there are people that you’re not comfortable being yourself with, then you have to distance yourself from them. If not, you will internalize their ideas and perception of the world.

What are your thoughts, ideas on ways we can be more accepting of ourselves?

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