Creating Meaning & Purpose In Life

We all seek meaning and purpose in our days. We thus pursue it in different ways. We find it in ambition, love, children, church or on a foreign island.

Others struggle to understand how to obtain it. They walk around aimlessly and have this deep sense of emptiness that hovers around them.

If you belong to the latter category, I’m here for you. I want you to understand that you don’t have to continue to live in that vast space that makes you numb. You can come out of it.

There are a few ways for you to create some form of meaning and purpose in your life.

Pursue What You Actually Care About

One of the biggest ways for you to create some meaning in your life is to pursue the things that matter to you. This does not mean that you have to leave your day job and travel around the world if it’s not possible for you.

In little ways, incorporate the things that matter to you. Make time for your art and ideas. If you can take a vacation, go somewhere new and marvel in something different.

You need to live actively in order to get some meaning. Life won’t just give you what you want if you don’t seek something first.

Have A Form of Spiritual Practice

One of the many benefits of having faith in life is that it grounds you to what matters most. When you have a form of belief system, it serves as something for you to fall back on.

It guides you to know that there is a greater higher being orchestrating our days. Having a form of belief helps you to reinforce the notion that each life serves a meaning and purpose for a divine will.

Connect To A Community of Like-Minds

As human beings, we are wired for connection. If you continue to starve yourself of this, the emptiness deepens.

Try to connect to a community of others who would understand and celebrate you. This community could be found in online and physical spaces. This community could be centred around shared passions and beliefs. Seek out a community or possibly create one.

Question The Things That Matter More

Some are secretly empty yet they continue to do what doesn’t really matter to them. They pursue the wrong relationships. They get addicted to food, alcohol, clothing or influence. It doesn’t make them happy but they don’t stop…

Question the things that you do and the way that you live. What about your lifestyle fills you up? What about your lifestyle is draining you? You might have to make the decision to walk away from certain things in order to walk into what will fill your spirit.

Provide Support & Help To Others

When we don’t feel like things matter, you can take a step back from your life. You can look around and find little ways to provide support and help to those who are disadvantaged.

Sometimes, in providing support and help to others through volunteering, community service impact, it puts our life in perspective. It helps you to see beyond yourself. It connects you to others. It also leads you to feel a greater sense of meaning and purpose. Find a cause that matters to you and dedicate time to it.

Seek Therapy & Counselling

When you feel that life is completely pointless and you don’t want to be alive, please speak to someone. Seek the services of a mental health professional to help you understand why you feel the way you do.

Do not continue to let yourself drown in silence, speak to someone to get help.

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