The Benefits of the Single Life

As we’re in the month of February, we see this as the season of love. This is because we know that every February 14th is Valentine’s Day. As a romantic, I do absolutely love everything about this season. The notion of love warms my heart. However, as I’ve grown and had some dating experiences, I’ve learned […]

The Beauty of A New Age

I celebrated my birthday on Saturday, the 9th of February. I turned 26. I know most people don’t like to reveal their age. One thing you can dread about birthdays is the reality of getting older. But it’s actually become my favorite thing about birthdays. Not exactly the number but what getting older brings. It’s changed […]

The Way to Overcome Stress and Sadness

Life can certainly take a toll on us but there ’s a way to overcome difficult times. Like most people, I’ve dealt with my own share of stress. There was stress I dealt with as a student with keeping up with school work, organizations, and internships. There was stress I dealt with as an employee […]

Girl Chat: How to Speak Up for Yourself

In the past, I’ve been a passive person. If someone offends or upsets me, I might not say anything. I let it go. I was that way because I don’t like confrontation. I was that way because it’s easier. Also, I would get caught up in wanting others to have the right impression of me […]

How to Trust Things Will be Alright though You’re in Pain

Life can hit us hard. We’re met with failures and disappointments. We’re met with pain and heartbreak. At one moment, we can feel powerful. Then, changes we do not expect come and we’re reduced to weeping on our bed. You start to wonder why? Why is God doing this to you? Why is your life […]

The Truth about Having & Maintaining Friendships

I value people. Connecting with others, engaging in discussions, sharing thoughts, ideas and laughter means a lot to me. Yet, like most people, I have my flaws. I do not always put enough effort into maintaining the friendships that I’ve been blessed with. I can consume myself with my aspirations, my ambitions or simply ruminating […]

How to Stop Being Passive & Start Taking Action

A friend once told me that I always do what I say I want to do which is admirable. Until I was told that, I didn’t realize that it was one of those traits in me. But I’m an action-taker. Whenever there is something my mind and heart is yearning for, I feel a drive […]

Ways to Get Over Bad Moods during the Winter & Holiday Season

Our mental health can be affected in a variety of ways because of different factors. Seasonal Affective Disorder is a type of depression that’s due to a change in seasons. Your energy levels become low. You lose interest in activities you used to enjoy. You feel sluggish, agitated and hopeless. I experienced this living in […]

Uncovering the Life You Want From Shattered Pieces

I have flaws. Moving in hurried steps, blinded by ambitions as I push you aside. I keep quiet and smile when I should speak up. I sit in spaces I don’t feel I belong. What helps me to realize this flaw is unfortunate because I begin to break. My body grows weak. My mind is […]

Tips for Surviving the Job Search as a Young Graduate

The day I graduated from university was such a significant stage and transition in my life. It wasn’t only because of getting the degree but rather, my perception of myself and the world changed. When I was in school, I thrived. I participated in numerous organizations and held officer roles. I was featured in my […]