My Internship at A Publishing House

Getting an internship when in the university is important as it helps you build your resume. Below, I provide input on what enabled me to obtain an internship at W.W. Norton & Company.

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Obtaining an internship in publishing

  1. Networking
  2. Building resume
  3. Working on an online presence



I join organizations such as New York Women in Communications, National Association of Black Journalists and also FindSpark: a community for creative professionals seeking either internships or entry-level positions. I network because through the people I meet, they provide information and advice.

However, I didn’t meet a recruiter in Norton through a networking event. But networking was still an advantage. I applied to Norton and was called in for an interview. When I was interviewed, the Marketing Manager stated that she saw that I had great experience. She saw something in my resume that caught her attention. It was FindSpark. Her past intern had been in the same community. I and that former intern were both campus ambassadors and I included it on my resume. I believe that if I didn’t take the initiative to join FindSpark and be active, my supervisor might not have been as drawn to my resume.

There are a lot of smart and qualified people out there. Often not, you need a little something more and organizations help.

Building Resume

Building your resume is important. That’s how you show the interviewer that you’re qualified. I’ve built my resume through campus activities such as writing for my campus newspaper. I’ve completed internships. I interned at an online magazine, a non-profit, a video distribution service and through doing this: through blogging: through putting my work and ideas out here.

Working on an Online Presence

I’ve learned through FindSpark and New York Women in Communications that utilizing social media can be instrumental. Social media can help you to tell your story, to let future employers know the kind of individual that you are.

Interning at Norton

My Duties

Under my supervisor, some of my projects for the summer involve working on excel to update a database of contacts for Norton. I also do social media commentary. I take a look at Norton’s social media channels for different courses. I evaluate the engagement. I offer input on how they can improve. I devise marketing plans for social media strategies. I will also be working on a digital anthology project.

Work Environment

Employees: Employees at Norton are a close-knit. Everyone interacts well with each other. I recently sat down with one of the employees in advertising and she confirmed that they are a family here because they are an independent publishing house. They know they are accountable to themselves.  The employees believe in the mission of Norton. They publish books they support.

Interns: Norton has a bag lunch series for the interns. Every week, employees from various  departments sit and discuss their role with the interns. They discuss how they got into publishing. They offer advice and we ask questions.

It’s important and helpful because I’m learning about what it takes to get into publishing, what’s needed, the different departments and how and why their work is critical. It’s great that Norton offers this because it shows that at Norton, they truly want their interns to have a beneficial experience. They want us to learn about the industry.

Also, another great thing, you get their books and who doesn’t like free books?


Advice for someone who wants to get an internship in publishing.


Don’t be afraid to try and fail.  I tried and I failed… at first. I applied for an internship the spring semester, didn’t get it but I’m interning this summer.

This goes for applying for positions in any industry. Always try and put yourself out there through applying for the positions you want.

Also, network. Talk to as many people as you can. Get their advice, get their input, make the connection. You never know where it will take you.


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