Breaking Bad Habits

I’ve started to become more aware of my bad habits. Becoming aware is one step. The next step is understanding how to eliminate bad habits from our lives.

Dealing With Bad Habits

A way to eliminate bad habits is to weight the negative effect it has. When I sit down to think about it, I often complain. Also, I’m not always engaged in my environment. Bad habits such as rushing and dwelling on the future result in not being engaged in the present moment.

Therefore, I know I need to be still. To take the time to be where I am. To be fully aware and engaged in conversations. To not rush. To be willing to fully listen.

How Do We Recognize Our Bad Habits?

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I do believe that sometimes hearing other people’s opinion on you can be beneficial. Be open to advice from those you are close to. Be mindful. Take the time to reflect on how your actions might affect others.

Bad habits are ultimately up to us to break. If there are certain aspects of your life that you’re not happy with, be honest with yourself and tell the truth.

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