Bishop T.D. Jakes Advice on How To Step into Your Purpose

I admire Bishop T.D. Jakes. His sermons uplift me. His words help to strengthen my faith in God. I recently finished his book “DESTINY: Step into Your Purpose.”

The book was insightful. There are several things I read that made me reflect on the way I live.

Press the Reset Button

The statement above is significant to me. It affirms what I’ve come to understand that the way one thinks inevitably affects their world. What this means is that our perception creates our reality.

Changing my perception and habits has not been easy. The old me wants to run and hide. She wants to complain and assume that no one understands her and that she is not worthy of the life she desires. She thinks about and waits for someone or something to take her into the new life she fantasizes off. But the new me adopts a different mentality. I encourage myself to be open though it can feel safe to be closed. I remind myself that every human is a complex being and in order to be understood, you have to be willing to understand others. You have to be willing to let others see you as you are. I pray for courage and now take action. I stop waiting for what I want to come to me. This mentality helps to change my reality because it makes me more curious about my world. It makes it easier to connect with others. Most of all, it makes me appreciative and in awe of all that life offers.

Is there a belief or perception that you need to reset?

Run the Race with Blinders On

It’s very easy to compare our lives with others. Often times, I can think about my goals and ambitions and compare my life to another person. I can think about people with a certain position. People who went to a certain institution. People who have what I aspire for. All of this often distracts me from my life. It distracts me from my journey. It gets me down. Comparisons are essentially a waste of time because we are each on our own race. We are each called to a different purpose in life. When I focus on where I want to go, I am productive.

Are you focused on your path or someone else’s?

Get Up Again…and Again

After I finished my undergraduate experience and started my first job, I saw myself as a failure. I was working at a company that I thought I’d enjoy the experience but the environment was draining. I felt as though my skills were not appreciated or good enough. The life I wanted to create in the U.S. was fading because I didn’t have the options I needed to stay. That experience was painful but I’ve come to appreciate it. It helped me to gain more strength. It made me realize that God’s time is best because though God didn’t give me the job I wanted then, his provided opportunities now. Also, the experience taught me humility because I was coming out of the University believing I knew a lot but I have much to learn. Before, I was always in a rush to speak my mind. Now, I’m more eager to listen.

What has failure taught you?

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