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I’m Isioma Ononye, the writer for Reflect EveryDay. I created this blog because I love words. I love to create content.  Thus, I blog to fulfill my desire to express myself. I share my thoughts on learning how to live well in all aspects of life. I write about personal development, feminism, books and mental health because such discussions light my soul.

Through this blog, I also want to document my experiences in Nigeria. I’ve been away for some time as I spent eight years in New York and three years in Mexico City. Moving back to my country Nigeria is a big and pivotal change for me so my blog will also reflect on profiles and stories on life and people in Nigeria. I dedicated a section on this blog for Naija People so as to focus on Nigerians in a different light. Generally, in the global media, there is not enough spotlight on what is positive and inspiring about African people. That is why I believe it is necessary to tell my story and others that show Africans in an uplifting narrative. For more on what I do, take a look at my work here>> My Portfolio.

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