Thinking About The New Year : Life Resolutions

I enjoy writing down my resolutions. There are things I must work on because I believe it’s essential in life.

Don’t Cling

It’s hard to let go. But I am learning to let go. Clinging is detrimental to change. If you cling on to people and things, you won’t be able to embrace everything new and wonderful that’s waiting for you. Some things are only for a season. We meet certain people at a certain period in our life. We have certain experiences that are needed to help us change and grow. Once we’ve had those encounters, we have to move on.

I believe that we all get this feeling when we know it’s time to take the next step. When you are no longer close to someone. We all know but we don’t want to admit it. We don’t want to move on. It’s because change is frightening. When you let go of what’s familiar and venture out to what’s new, it’s uncertain.

There’s also the fear that if we don’t try to hold on to others or things, we’ll be alone. We’ll have to face being with ourselves. This is what most people don’t want. The fear of being alone is often why we cling or use others as a clutch. It is safe. It’s familiar. But it’s hindering you.

Act Now

Taking action is beneficial because you’re making a decision to participate in life, to do something. I’ve always been passionate about women’s issues. But before I became part of the officer board of a women’s club, I used to wonder if I could make an impact.I feel much more of myself because I know we work on issues that matter deeply to me.

Be Here

I have to learn to be present. My mind often drifts off to thoughts of all that I aspire.  I want the life in the city. I want that job where I can help women. I want to use my words to provide inspiration and motivation to others. I tend to ruminate on how to get there. But I’m here. I loose much by not focusing on now. I tend to tell myself that my life will get better after this and that. I use to say it will get better after high school. Now, I tell myself it will get better after college. No. Let’s cherish it now. Let’s work hard but let’s be present. My life will be better now.

Those are a few things that I want to work on for the New Year. Those are things that I feel are essential to always keep in mind. What are some of the things you want to work on?

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