Challenge Your System

The video below fills me with joy and hope. Bishop T.D. Jakes emphasizes that we need to challenge our systems. Our ways of thinking and being. Our systems are:

How we speak

How we think

How we understand.

“What if me isn’t working? How long will you hold on to a dysfunctional system and let life pass you by” – Bishop T.D. Jakes

As I finished watching the video, I continued to ponder what he said and I jotted down some of what I felt below.

There’s much to discover. There’s much more of me to unfold. There’s much joy and love ready to embrace me. I want to be able to see it and I want it to fill me. I want light. I want to sit in it. I want to be surrounded by it. I want to wash myself of the dirt of my loneliness, of my longing, of my disappointment, of my insecurities, of my lack of love for myself. I want to wash myself of my old system. I want to step into a new way of being, where I cherish all that I am. I want to see my light. I want to dance and laugh in my light. As I am. As I am. As I am.


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