4 Ways to Motivate Yourself to Exercise

I’m sure we are all aware of the benefits of working out. Exercise leads to good health, positive mental outlook, and an increased lifespan. All of that sounds great doesn’t it? The issue becomes how to get ourselves moving. How to get ourselves to the gym or just outside to begin the workout. It’s not an easy thing. As much as I know working out makes me happier, there are days that it’s difficult for me to get myself up and out for a run. However, there are things that make it easier for me to exercise.

Remember the Positive Effects

Reflection proves effective at all times. When you can remember the benefits of the last workout, it makes it just a bit easier for you to get out of bed.

When I’m not particularly enthusiastic about going for a run, I remind myself of how great I always feel after. I remind myself of how it always happens to boost my mood and confidence. Remembering the positive effects gets me up, into my gym wear and out the door.

If you, on the other hand, haven’t started working out at all, then consider the benefits of exercise. Consider how it will positively impact your health, mindset, weight, and life.

Create a Playlist You Get Excited About

Having the right music, new and old songs that get you in the mood to move can do wonders for motivation. Whenever I add new songs to my workout playlist, I get excited about listening to the songs while running. When it comes to my workout, the music gets me going. My workout playlist consists of a majority of Rap and R&B artists such as Kanye West, Beyonce, Jay Z, Eminem and DJ Khaled.

Having the right music, new and old songs can boost your motivation to exercise.

Get a Workout Buddy

Having a workout partner can motivate you to get moving. It was at the university that I started to seriously incorporate exercise into my life. I had a roommate who was very dedicated to it and I was inspired by her. We would run on the tracks of our campus.

Having a workout buddy can help you with your fitness because together you can motivate each other. It’s best to reach out and see if there are people around you that are dedicated to fitness. That way, when you’re not so inclined to workout, knowing that the other person is there and ready to go might push you to step out and get going. This could be especially helpful for those that live in regions where it’s cold at this season. I’m sure going to the gym might become harder when it’s freezing outside, that’s why having someone else to join you might help.

Having a workout partner can help you because you can push each other to step out and get going.

Also, for those that live in areas where you have winter, you can check out this post: Nutrition and Movement tips for Winter. I attended a workshop by a nutrition specialist when I lived in New York. So the post contains tips on how to keep yourself healthy and moving during winter.

Set Goals for Yourself

When it comes to working out, I always say my aim is for the benefits of mental outlook. So I don’t really have this long list of fitness goals. However, I believe that if you’re struggling to work out, setting little goals for yourself could be helpful.

I emphasize on “little goals” because I see exercise as a way of life. I don’t think you should put a lot of pressure on yourself because outrageous expectations might not motivate you.

Set little goals for yourself. Having outrageous expectations won't motivate you to exercise.

You can tell yourself you’ll run a certain distance further than last time. You can tell yourself you’ll increase the weights lifted by five pounds. Just the effort you can take to step up your game just a bit more could motivate you to get to the gym because you have a goal. You’re a woman/man on a mission.

So these are some of my suggestions on how to motivate yourself to workout. What are some of the reasons that motivate you to exercise? Or if you’re struggling with exercising, let me know why in a comment.

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