4 Things You Didn’t Know About Life in Nigeria

I’ve been fortunate to have the experience to travel. I’ve lived outside of Nigeria because of my father’s occupation as a Diplomat. I spent nine years in New York for elementary school and later university. I spent my adolescence in Mexico City for secondary school. Through the experience, I’ve come to understand some misconceptions that foreigners can have about Africans. Misconceptions that foreigners can have about life on the continent of Africa. So I’m debunking this by telling you what you may not know about life in Nigeria.

Modern Infrastructure

Some foreigners tend to have a backward view about African countries. They are not aware that they exist modern infrastructure. I remember elementary school days, kids would ask me where I lived and went to school in Nigeria. They assumed that I didn’t have access to these things. Poverty exists but not everywhere that encompasses Nigeria is poverty. I live in a modern house. As a child, I attended a good school.

Some significant buildings, modern infrastructure that exists in Nigeria includes.

ECOWAS (Economic Community of West African States)

National Communications Commission

CBN (Central Bank of Nigeria Headquarters)

You can check out more in Abuja Central Business District

Internet Connectivity

There is Wi-Fi/ internet connectivity in Nigeria and most African countries. The fact that I own this blog and post on social media proves so.

I was a bit surprised that when I was about to leave New York, a friend alluded that she wasn’t sure how she would keep in touch with me. My reaction must have proven that I took a bit of an offense. I told her email and social media. I told her I’ll continue to blog.

I think the reason why foreigners might not know there is internet in Nigeria is that much of Western Media depicts African nations in one light. The media bombards us with images of villages and poverty. Yes, this does exist but it is not the only narrative. There are different classes of people thriving, lifting themselves and others out of poverty in Nigeria.

In Nigeria, they're people thriving, lifting themselves and others out of poverty.


There are various scenes of entertainment in locations such as Abuja and Lagos of Nigeria. These forms of entertainment range from the art scene, cinema, music, and theatre.

In Abuja, for the movie lovers like myself, cinemas include Silver bird Cinemas, Jabi Lake located in the mall and Ceddi Plaza.

The Photo Below was taken at Ceddi Plaza.

An art venue that I check out and enjoy is Thought and Arts Pyramid Gallery


For music and theatre, Lagos is the place to be as it is the commercial area of Nigeria.

Best Places to Visit for Arts Music and Culture in Lagos

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The spirit of entrepreneurship is alive in Nigeria. When I read the news, I’m aware that there are young and older entrepreneurs making strides in in Nigeria.

Check out some of the entrepreneurs in Nigeria here>>

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If you’re an African living abroad or have lived abroad, what are some misconceptions that you may have come across about foreigners perception about Nigeria?

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