How Exercise Helps Me with My Mental Health

Having some form of exercise in your life is important. I try my best to go running at least once a week. It’s helped me in many ways. Here are a few reasons why I believe exercise is important.

It Gives You ENERGY

A good run on the treadmill serves the body and mind well. After leaving the gym or going for a run, I have this boost of energy to carry on with my day. Before I started regularly working out, I use to get drained of energy quickly. I’d get tired from all the activities I was participating in or things I have to do. Exercising gives me the energy to keep going.

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It Helps To Relieve Stress

When I’m running, my mind isn’t thinking about all the things I want to accomplish. My mind is focused on moving my legs. The gym can be the safe haven where you don’t need to stress about your day. Exercising takes my mind off the stress. Exercise helps me to be happy because a workout leads your body to produce the endorphins that will make you happy.

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It Reduces Anxiety

I’ve had days when I get frustrated, I then head to the gym. The moment I’m done, I figure out a solution to a problem. Working out often gives me clarity. Have you heard the saying that most problems are created in your head? We can often stress about what we think happened or what we don’t have control over. Working out helps me to realize that things will be okay. It helps me to be less anxious about my past and future.

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It Makes You Feel Confident

When I go from lifting 50-pound weights to 70 pounds, I’m proud that I was able to take on those weights. When I can increase my speed on the treadmill and I’m able to handle it, it gives me confidence that I can handle anything. The confidence that I get from exercise is in improvement. It’s in getting faster, in getting stronger.

Is there one particular exercise that you love to do? Or have you tried but are having difficulties sticking to your workouts?

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