3 Yoga Rules For Living Life

I’ve been taking Yoga classes for two years now and the outcome has been wonderful. The different postures I take on in class help provide me with a great stretch that proves beneficial when I run. It helps me to vary my workout routine and it makes me feel great. Also, I believe that what you learn in a yoga class can be applied to making you lead a life that makes you happy.

Deep Breathing

In my yoga class, we often practice deep breathing. While we assume and hold a posture, such as a plank or “downward facing dog,” the instructor states “take a deep breath in” “take a deep breath out.” We later meditate and we’re told to become more aware of our breathing. To focus only on our breathing.

Being more aware of your breathing and focusing on it is important. This is especially useful when you become overwhelmed. Our priorities or aspirations can quickly lead to stress. Therefore, it helps to take a few moments out of your day to breathe deeply. We need moments to ourselves to simply relax. We need moments where we don’t need to be on the go. We need to breathe.

Stretch Further

Before I started taking my yoga class, I wasn’t certain if I was capable of being able to stretch my body to different postures. Yet, I stretch to more than what I thought I was capable. Also, I enjoy doing so.

In life, we can become used to our comfort zone. We limit ourselves in our thinking. We tell ourselves that who we are is singular. We should be willing to stretch. Stretch yourself beyond your comfort zone. You might find you enjoy it.

Don’t Let Go

In the process of holding a pose at Yoga class, the instructor states: “Enjoy the pain.” In the moment, enjoying the pain seems impossible. I want to let go. Yet, I hold on to the pose for a few seconds more until we’re done. After my yoga class is over, I can attest to having gained muscles and feeling stronger.

When we go through challenging situations in life, we might want to walk away. Sometimes we do need to walk away or let go of situations that prove detrimental to us. But there are moments where we need to go through difficulty. There are moments where we can’t get to achieving our goals until we face the challenge. Our goals and pursuits might require a risk, a challenge that might feel painful. It can be hard. You alone determine if it’s worth the fight. You’ll find that often not, if you take on the challenge, despite the difficulty, the pain, you’ll come out strong.

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