3 Ways Music Motivates and Saves You

“One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain.” – Bob Marley

Listening to music is such an integral part of my life. Music is my source of motivation, comfort, enjoyment and peace. What I love about music is the ability of sounds to uplift you. I listen to a variety of songs but there are certain artists that make me feel that life is alright.

In this blog, you know I’m mostly about motivation and to me, that’s self-care/ self-love. It’s learning to be happy. Music is definitely one of those things that brings about my happiness and the reasons why are below.

Music Fuels Your Spirit

Music has the ability to get you going, to feel determined. When I exercise, I need to listen to music because it pushes me. One artist in particular that I love listening to when working out is Kanye West. I really enjoy Kanye’s lyrics because something about the way he raps makes me feel powerful. It makes me feel worthy. I enjoyed his early albums like graduation. I like that his lyrics often times are meaningful and touching. There are very few artists to me who can compete with Kanye. I always tell everyone that I think Kanye is brilliant.

Music Empowers You

Have you ever listened to a particular song and it made you believe in yourself and your dreams? Or have you ever listened to an artist and they made you feel like someone understands you? I remember when my sister introduced me to this song “Scars to Your Beautiful” by Alessia Cara and I got a bit emotional. The lyrics made me think about my adolescence and all my insecurities and struggles to feel like I was worth it. The music made me feel that those days are gone because I know that I am worth it.

There are other artists whose music has touched and empowered me such as Beyonce. Her lyrics and the beauty and power in her voice has this thing that makes you feel like, I am capable of what I want to do. On days when I need to feel great, strong, smart, sexy or ready to accomplish something, I dance around to Beyonce’s music.

Music Consoles You

I’m going to admit to you that there are certain artists whose songs bring me to tears. That’s the band Coldplay and the singer, Adele. I have to start with Coldplay because Chris Martin’s voice means everything to me. I had the opportunity of going to his concert in New York and it was an amazing experience. After exiting the concert, everyone was still singing the songs and I just wished the moment didn’t end. The reason I love Coldplay is that the lyrics are tender and sweet. To me, it always tells a story that’s either sad or uplifting but still so pleasing to the ear. My favorite Coldplay song is a classic. It’s Yellow.

Now, there’s Adele. The reason why I love Adele is not for what you might assume. I don’t actually identify with most of her songs based on my experiences. However, her music makes me long for a certain experience, for a certain kind of love. Her music puts me in this sort of mood where I can’t help but wonder and imagine. As I do, I’m transported to another realm where I can feel these emotions and the process moves me.

That’s all about my love for music. What do you listen to and why?

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