3 Valuable Lessons 2016 Taught Me

We have this week left of 2016 and it’s been quite a year. For me, it’s been tumultuous, fun, surprising and enlightening. It had its highs. It was the year of my college graduation ceremony. It was the year of entering the workforce. There was challenging myself to do more in my professional career, to take up a speaking opportunity, getting featured on TV and joining organizations. There was taking up new activities, making time for dating and going out more. It had its lows. There was being in a negative work environment and saying goodbye to a friend who moved. There’s visa hurdles that overwhelm me. 2016 did bring me joy but it also brought great frustration. 2016 was difficult but it strengthened me, empowered me in decisions I made and inspired me with ideas. It enabled me to change. It enabled me to learn more about myself. It enables me to reflect on who I am and who I want to become. It enables me to question if the life I live reflects what I seek. There are some important things I learned this year.

Patience Is Needed

Patience is not my strong suit. When there’s something I want, I would like to have it as soon as possible. If there’s something that needs to be done, I’d like it done now rather than later. I’ve not been a patient person but 2016 forced me to be patient. However, I’ve learned that patience is always needed. The waiting can help you appreciate blessings because you know what you went through. The waiting can make you sit and think about how you function. How you interact with the world around you. The waiting can lead to aha moments when you tell yourself, “I see and understand.” The waiting will make you appreciate the process because of what you’ve learned. The waiting will give you drive as you move forward.

Patience enabled me to understand that I shouldn’t be quick to give up or walk away when things aren’t as I expect it to be. Patience enabled me to see that I need to listen more. Patience enabled me to see how important it is to consider more than one perspective. Patience enabled me to understand that I shouldn’t hold on to things or people for the sake of it. Patience enabled me to understand my patterns. Patience led me to understand that I need to be kind to myself when life disappoints me or when I disappoint myself.

It’s Important to View Several Perspectives

Reading draws me into another world. And I revel in losing myself in another world. But when I’m not reading, I can become fixated on only my thoughts and perspective. But 2016 taught me the necessity of remembering to step out of my head. To consider things from several different perspectives. I’ve learned that it’s important to always do this. For people like myself who can become very focused on one thing, we don’t always turn around but we must. We must turn around because there is much to see and learn. We must turn around because it leads to awareness of all that’s around us. Awareness of how considering other ideas and perspectives can open up your world and expand your thinking. And awareness of how our words and actions can positively or negatively impact others.

Stillness & Reflection Matters

When you get still and reflect, the effect is wonderful. When I get still, I understand myself more. I understand what my goals are. I understand where I derive joy from. I understand the best environment for me. When I get still, I can reflect on whether my attitude and actions detract or propel me towards the life I want. And when I get still, I understand how often I dwell on past disappointments and expectations which hinders me from appreciating the present moment. I understand my pattern of negative thinking and self-pity which holds me back from living. I understand needing to speak up so I am understood and issues are addressed. When I get still, I understand the necessity of putting the effort to creating my happiness and to seeking what is worthwhile.

Please get still, especially when you’re faced with difficulties or challenges. Get still and understand how you function. Get still and understand what it is you truly want.

What does 2016 mean to you?

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