3 Tips to Style Black to Make it Stand Out at Work

Black is simple and classy which can make it the first choice to buy for corporate clothing. But wearing black can also be dull so I have some black items you can incorporate into your wardrobe to make the outfit stand out more.

Walk in like a Boss in The Black Jumpsuit

You might not think that jumpsuits are appropriate for the office but this piece I purchased from H & M is office friendly. This black is unique because it’s not the simple black top and pants, the jumpsuit makes it a little bit of both.

If you want to wear a jumpsuit in the office, I suggest that you get one in black because it will give off a corporate look. Also, another great thing about the jumpsuit is that you don’t need a lot of accessories. I paired the outfit with a brown necklace and one hand bangle. You don’t need that many things to pair with this outfit because the jumpsuit carries itself.

Be Unique in The Black Pants that Don’t Conform

I’m sure we all have black pants. I think it’s an essential item to have for the office. The outfit above, those pants are quite different. I got those pants from dressbarn. I think this black pants for the office is unique and stylish because of the way it is designed to have a cut in the sides to intrigue you on whether it’s a long skirt.

Be the Classy Lady in the Black Top

Having a black top is another essential item needed for the office. Due to the fact that these items tend to be plain, the way to make it pop is with accessories. I got a lot of compliments on this outfit. I think that it’s the necklace that really makes the outfit stand out. I got the top from a boutique in Wuse, here in Nigeria. The skirt I purchased from H & M.

So if you’re going for a black top, pair it with accessories and make sure the skirt or pants you have on has something unique to it, be the style or color. That way, you bring something different to the outfit.

Those are my tips for styling black in the office. If you’re like me and you usually enjoy wearing bright colors, you might want to shun anything black but you don’t have to. Wearing black to the office doesn’t have to be plain, dull or lacking in style. It all depends on the way you choose to wear it.

So how do you style your black clothing for the office?

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