3 Tips on Styling the Ankara Top with Jeans

Ankara clothing is great. I love the colors in the fabric. I also like that there are a variety of styles to choose when you want to sew it. Another great thing about Ankara wear is how flexible it is. If you sew an Ankara top and skirt, you can still pair the top on its own with jeans. This is for the casual hang out with friends or a significant other.  There are 3 things you should consider to pull it off well.

Let The Jeans Compliment the Top

Depending on the Ankara top you have, it will determine the type of jeans you wear. I usually wear dark jeans but because my Ankara top is Pink, jeans with a light color will compliment it better.

Go Easy on the Bling

Pairing the Ankara top with jeans is a casual look so  I don’t think you need to have that many accessories. I put on a hand bracelet only. If I want to wear the full Ankara outfit, then I would consider large earrings and a necklace to match. This is because when we wear the full outfit, it tends to be for a more formal setting such as weddings, ceremonies or church. Whereas, with the top, it’s meant to be causal. Therefore, so many accessories are not needed.

Get The Right Shoes to Accentuate the look

I like to be comfortable and short wedges are comfortable and still look good. Open toed shoes are the best option for me to put the outfit together because it gives off a stylish, chic and yet also laid back look.

How do you style your Ankara wear for different occasions?

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