3 Reasons Why You Need Time Alone

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I’ve noticed from experiences and conversations, it appears common for people to associate being with others as good and being by yourself as strange or sad. We’ve given the word “alone” a bad name. I remember at my first job, I was speaking to a co-worker about this. We laughed as we talked about this. My co-worker is a married older woman. She said at times, she likes to go to a restaurant by herself, have a meal and read the newspaper. She said she noticed people would look at her in a strange way. I laughed because I understood. I would tell a friend that I did something by myself and I would get a confused or sad look.

I consider myself to be an introvert but at times, I’m an extrovert. I enjoy socializing with others. It brings me happiness and energy when I’m around others; engaging in conversations that spark my curiosity or just make me laugh. However, I also enjoy the time spent alone. The time when I’m out in nature by myself, reading a book or writing my thoughts.

I think time spent alone can be great. The moments I have alone, I reflect and meditate on my life. The moments I have alone, I gain inspiration and insight. The moments I’m by myself, I feel more connected to God. Below, I provide more details on why time spent alone can be necessary.

It Helps You to Meditate

The times I’m alone, I meditate. Meditation does not have to mean you cross-legged and going “umm” the way I am above. Meditation can be you lying down and reflecting. It could be you sitting down in a quiet place thinking about your life.

Meditation helps me to be grounded in the present moment. It helps me to focus on where I am and access what it means. Through meditation, I learn what in my life brings me joy or causes me stress. I learn what I need more or less off. Through meditation, I reflect on meaning and purpose which helps me understand myself and my life better.

Connection with God

I had an experience where I felt the divine speak to me through me. It was a few years ago when I was in the university. I was sleeping and then I suddenly had an urge to wake up. I was alone and I felt a strong presence around my room. I was afraid but my mind kept resounding the words “Do Not Be Afraid. Do Not Be Afraid.” I was then speaking to me.  The words spoken brought me to a state of tears. He spoke of happiness, leadership and greatness at a time when I was a very insecure and indecisive person. Moments alone can lead to a deeper connection with God.

Inspired by the Next Step

During my moments alone, I gain inspiration for things I want to put into action. It’s often during my quiet moments that I can get some insight, get writing ideas and overall life goals.

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