3 Powerful Lessons Year of YES Teaches YOU

Shonda Rhimes “Year of Yes” is a fun and insightful read . In “Year of Yes,” you have the opportunity to learn more about the creator of your favorite shows. You learn more about her path and her transformative decision to challenge herself to say YES for a year. Her challenge enables you to see what we must all say YES to.

YES to Who You Are

Year of Yes teaches just how valuable it is to say yes to being the authentic you. Shonda said that when she was younger, she told herself that she wanted to be the next Toni Morrison. She had never imagined that she would be a TV writer until she later set out to be herself. To create a world from her imagination. Years later, she met Toni Morrison who was in great admiration for the television series that Shonda created.

It’s great to have those that we admire but it’s more important to understand that there is something unique about each of us. We can never become someone else. We should endeavor to set out and become more of who we are.

YES to What’s Real

As Shonda was going through the process of saying Yes for the year, she was changing. As she was changing, the way she viewed people in her life changed. She had to let go of some friendships that were no longer serving her. She said she could now see people for who they were and not what she wanted them to be. It helped to free her of toxic friendships.

It’s often too easy to get lost in our idea of how we want to see others that we become blind to the fact. We have to say Yes to seeing people for who they are and not how we want them to be. Once we do this, we attract more people that will bring light into our lives. We also shed off the people that might not have brought value into our lives.

YES to Play

Life can get difficult. Life can get busy. We can find ourselves digging in and getting lost in our work. We can get lost in matters concerning our families and relationships that we forget to seek joy. That we forget to take the time to have fun. Once we do this, we slowly lose ourselves in the process. We lose a spark that can fuel us. We have to make the time to say YES to play. At the end of the book, Shonda thanks her sister for inspiring her to take on the challenge of saying Yes and her sister’s response is below.

“I’m extremely proud of you. All you ever did was sleep. Literally. And metaphorically. You were asleep. I was worried. Life is short. Yours seemed really, really short. And now you have completely transformed. You’re alive. You’re living. Some people never do that.”


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