3 Life Changing Lessons Learned in 2017

This year marked endings and beginnings. I left New York to move back to Nigeria. I started my National Youth Service Corps (NYSC). I went back to writing more with different ideas in mind.

2017  brought me to my knees in prayer. It brought me closer, nearer to my God. I want to share what this year taught me.

You Don’t Get What You Want..and You Survive

Five years ago, when I started my undergraduate experience in the university in New York, the future I sought was in America. I envisioned life in New York after graduation. I envisioned being able to get an apartment with roommates. I envisioned a great job. I envisioned being in this fantastic relationship and going on dates with my boyfriend in the city. However, the first job I got caused me a great deal of stress and depression. The guy I thought I was close to disappointed me. Also, I’m not in America because I didn’t get the H1B work-visa. What I expected is not my reality. You can’t predict life and that’s okay.

I can’t lie and tell you right now that I know why God brought me back to Nigeria. I can’t lie and tell you that my life makes complete sense and I get it. That’s not true. The truth is that life didn’t give me what I wanted but I still wake up and do the best I can. Some days it’s easier. Some days it’s harder. No day is perfect but I work with it. I believe that God has a plan for me. I know that in future posts, I will come back to write why it was all a blessing.

Accepting What You Can’t Change Frees You

2017 taught me that fighting life and change is fruitless because it will occur. I’ve learned to accept the things that I can’t change. I’ve learned to go with the flow and this has helped me to take life easy. It’s helped me to find more laughter and peace in my days.

You accept what you can’t change by admitting a situation is what it is and let it be. Accepting what you can’t change doesn’t mean giving up and being restless or pessimistic. It’s working with what you have. It’s doing the best you can do. It’s letting the resistance go and allowing life in.

Accepting what you can't change is working with what you have and doing the best you can do.

You Give Your Life Meaning

This year, I continue to learn the necessity of self-care and love: 3 Important Tips on Self-Love to Help You Enjoy Life. I’ve learned that I have to always go after the things I want and value to create meaning in my life. This is why I write because it is my passion. It fills me with purpose and joy.

I’ve also learned to make more time to relax.  Reading, writing, being out in nature and going to the movies are what I enjoy. I ensure to make more time for the things I enjoy doing because happiness is my responsibility.

Also, I’m working on finding ways to be involved in causes that I care about like women and children’s rights. I’m looking for opportunities where I can utilize my skills to be of service for such causes because that’s where my heart is always at.


Lastly, I just have to say THANK YOU for reading my posts. Thanks to those who like, share and comment on this blog. You truly motivate me to keep on writing and sharing my thoughts and experiences. I’m so appreciative of your kind comments and I look forward to creating more content.

What does 2017 mean to you?

Isioma Ononye

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