3 Amazing Benefits of Being In Nature

Nature has always been a place of peace, solitude, inspiration, and relaxation for me. Whenever I’m surrounded by nature, there’s a sense of great happiness and calm that meets me.

I believe it’s essential to be out in nature more because of it’s benefits. I provide my reasons for why being in nature makes life better.

It Makes You Appreciative of Life


Life gets difficult. When you’re going through a tough time, it’s hard to focus on anything but the problem. However, I’ve found that in the midst of nature, I’m less likely to think about problems and issues. This is because I’m in admiration of the beauty that I see around me. I’m in awe of God’s creation. The awe creates a sense of freedom in me. The awe creates a sense of gratitude for me. To know that I’m fortunate to have life. To know that I’m fortunate to be able to see, smell and experience where I am in this moment.

It Inspires You

I’m inspired when I’m surrounded by nature. Nature inspires me because it makes me consider how ubiquitous it is. No matter where I am in the world, I can find a scenery of trees, of flowers, of grasses. Knowing this makes me feel connected to the earth. I love feeling a sense of connection because it moves me to consider the possibilities of what I can do. What I can create.

It Calms You

Taking the time to be outside. To sit down in the grass and stare at the sky calms me. It removes anxiety and fears that I have about my future. In nature, as I lie down, it almost seems to be that a voice reminds me to relax. It reminds me to always look around and see all that is front of me. The voice reminds me that God has got me. The voice reminds me that everything will be alright. This brings joy to my soul. It draws my lips to a smile. I relax. I breathe in. I breathe out. I close my eyes. I know that God has got me. I know that my life will be alright.

In nature, it seems to be that a voice reminds me to relax and see what is in front of me.

Isioma Ononye

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