Abuja’s Favorite Taste For Deliveries

When I was away from Nigeria, one of the things I missed was the food. Being back, I’m glad to be able to enjoy my mother’s cooking in addition to the dishes served in the various eateries. So a popular eating spot in Abuja is known as Biikaaydees Kitchen.

Biikaaydees Kitchen is Abuja’s go-to spot for deliveries of the best snacks. They sell small chops, samosa, spring rolls, puff puff, Alawar Madara, and Awara. If you’re craving a delicious snack, they offer the best taste. I sat down with the mastermind behind it all, Bilkisu Kabir to discuss how it all started.

How long has Biikaaydees Kitchen been around for?

Biikaaydee’s kitchen started with Samosas on 1st August 2016.

How did you start?

I made samosas and posted adverts online: Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook, Snapchat, and LinkedIn.

What kind of food do you specialize in serving?

We sell small chops: chicken wings, samosa, spring rolls, puff puff, milk candy (Alawar Madara) and Awara.

What’s the most popular dish that customers order?

The most popular and most wanted is Awara.

What makes Biikaaydees Kitchen unique from restaurants in Abuja?

Biikaaydee’s Kitchen is unique because it gives the best dishes with the best taste.

What would you recommend potential customers to try and why?

I would recommend they buy all because each has its uniqueness and can be suited to their taste.

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Post Author: Isioma Ononye

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