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12 Liberating Truths For The Women

A message to women from things I've learned and I'm learning.

In life, we go through many stages. When I flip through old journals and stare at past pictures, I can envision all the memories. I’ve felt and continue to feel many things as we all do. I know what it’s like to feel lost. I know what it’s like to try your best and fail. I know what it’s like to be vulnerable. To give your heart to love and end up disappointed. I know what loneliness feels like. I know what it feels like to find your eyes exhausted from crying. To find yourself questioning why God didn’t answer your prayers.

I also know what it feels like to feel joy. To feel contentment. To feel hopeful. To feel as though God is smiling on you because you’re making your way. From the bad times and the good times, there are some truths that I’ve learned and continue to learn that I’d like the women to know.

You should let yourself cry

It’s okay to not feel strong

It’s okay to admit you don’t know

Sometimes you’ll fail and that’s alright

Sometimes you need to be alone

The people who care about you don’t need to be chased

Having enough love for yourself changes your perception on life

Being close to others requires a certain level of vulnerability

Complaining about yourself does not lead to change

Your thoughts put you in either a state of freedom or imprisonment

You allow what you feel you deserve in life

Your perception of your life creates your life






I’m the author of Reflect EveryDay, a Lifestyle Blog to provide motivation and inspiration. I created this blog to share my thoughts and experiences because I'm passionate about writing and engaging in discussions about life. Engaging in discussions on learning how to live well and handle life's challenges. I've featured articles in Her Daily, the Aloud Blog for New York Women in Communications and FindSpark Blog. I enjoy working on causes that support women, girls, and young professionals.

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