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10 Quotes By Mark Nepo That Lift Your Spirit

I read "The One Life We're Given" by Mark Nepo. It's a book that I will cherish because his writing helps me to meditate on myself and my life. I share 10 of my favorite quotes by Mark.

I recently read “The One Life We’re Given” by Mark Nepo. Each chapter in the book wakes me up to the way I live and what I need. Nepo’s book is inspirational as he shares his journey with his readers. He shares his grief from loss, from illness and uncertainty. He shares his wisdom and joy in understanding himself, his life and finding comfort in the connection of all beings.



“We can fall into a trance by over-identifying with our past or the work we do or our dream of the future, all of which can keep us from the bare peace of presence that is always near. No matter their importance, we are not our past, we are not our work, and we are not our dream.”

The quote I identify with the most by Nepo is above. I want to wrap those words around me. The quote helps me understand how necessary it is to not cling to things, people or work. It helps me understand that who I am is not only in what I do or create. It helps me to remember that I am a child of God blessed to have life and to live is to be open to all that life offers.

I share 10 of my favorite quotes by Mark Nepo below.  What’s your favorite quote and why?


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