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Conducting Interviews for “Finding Home”

I'm conducting interviews to construct several narratives of the perspectives and experiences of foreigners living in New York.

When I lived in New York, I remember talking to a friend in Madison Park about our experiences. My friend and I had both grown up living in different countries and we discussed what that experience was like, and what New York feels like. We discussed the level of comfort or discomfort one can feel in New York and why that is. I was inspired by our conversation that I wanted it to continue. I wanted to speak to foreigners and also Americans about their experiences and perspectives. So I did. I spoke to a few individuals in New York about their experiences, about their idea of New York. I spoke to them about the idea of home.

Currently, I reside in my home country Nigeria and I want to continue this project through writing a book. I want to expand it by continuing to write narratives of the experiences and perspectives of foreigners and Americans in New York. In addition, I want to write about the narratives of Nigerians who’ve studied or lived abroad and have come back to the country. Through the book, I’ll share your thoughts and stories as well as mine.

The book will explore a central theme of what home and belonging means. I’d like to interview as many people as I can.

If you’re willing to discuss your experiences with me, please send me an email at informing me a little about you. Please include in the subject line: Finding Home Interview. We can schedule a time to discuss in person if you reside in Abuja, Nigeria. Or we can discuss via skype/google hangout if you reside in New York. I will accommodate the platform that is most convenient for you. Thank You.

Some of the questions that I address in interviews conducted are below.

For Those Who Reside in Nigeria

1. Where in Nigeria where you born?
2. How long have you lived in Nigeria?
3. What is your perception of Nigeria and what it means to be Nigerian?
4. What places have you traveled to abroad and why?
5. When you think of home what comes to mind?
6. Is there a place you want to permanently reside? Where and Why?

For those who reside in New York

  1. Where were you born and how long have you lived in New York?
  2. Why did you choose to come to NY?
  3. What was your first perception of New York/America and has that changed over the years you’ve been here?
  4. How has the process been navigating your career/life in New York?
  5. Where do you feel most at home?
  6. Is there a place you want to permanently reside? Where and why?



In May 2016, I was featured in CCTV- America briefly discussing my blog and my perception of New York.


I’m the author of Reflect EveryDay, a Lifestyle Blog to provide motivation and inspiration. I created this blog to share my thoughts and experiences because I'm passionate about writing and engaging in discussions about life. Engaging in discussions on learning how to live well and handle life's challenges. I've featured articles in Her Daily, the Aloud Blog for New York Women in Communications and FindSpark Blog. I enjoy working on causes that support women, girls, and young professionals.

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