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4 Ways to Deal with Uncertainty

We all have moments of uncertainty in our lives. I have some suggestions on how to cope with the uncertainties we all face in life.

I have a small, red book. Each day, I write what I aim to do for the next day: Go to the gym, read, write, send emails etc. That’s me. Uncertainty and I were not friends. But I have learned. I am learning that uncertainty will arrive and leave without my permission. Now, I can choose to get frustrated. I can be bitter when it comes or I can learn to cope with it. To dare I say, have fun with it. I want to discuss ways to cope with the uncertainties we all face in life.



We have to accept that life is filled with uncertainties. As much as we’d like to control every detail of our life, we can’t. Things will happen that will shake up our world. Sometimes uncertainty can lead to beautiful moments. Other times, it will result in moments we try to forget. But we can’t control the way our life unfolds. Understand and accept that.


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Accepting that uncertainty is part of life might not be easy when you’re in the present moment. Let’s go back. Let’s reflect on moments in the past when uncertainty barged into our home and things actually ended up alright.

I’ve mentioned in past posts that after high school, I planned to go to law school in England. I didn’t want to but it was practical. I was in Mexico City then, having been accepted to colleges in the UK. The decision of the university I would attend in England was made.But suddenly, the process of obtaining the documents to go was stalled. It was September and I was at home.

I felt lost. I had no idea where I would be attending college and that caused me great frustration. Yet, other things began to emerge. I started discussing with my parents the possibility of coming to NY. It worked out. I came here. I had the opportunity to study what I love.

When you feel lost and someone tells you not to worry, that things will be alright, at the moment, it’s difficult to take that in. When you’re facing what you’re going through, it’s hard to believe that things will be alright. Life appears to be falling apart. Then, suddenly, life is good again. It’s better.

Reflect on your past. Reflect on moments of confusion. Reflecting puts things into perspective. It helps you understand that uncertainty doesn’t always mean ruin. At times, what comes after could be exactly what you need.


You’ve accepted that life is going to throw things at you that you don’t expect. You’re reflecting on the times when it worked out. What comes next? Just sit down and take it? No, go ahead and dance with uncertainty. Take action with the things that you can control. Do what you know you can do. Have fun with uncertainty. You’re going to make the most of it. You’re going to do your best and even enjoy yourself until uncertainty leaves. Since uncertainty is part of life, know that you can get through; keep on doing what you can do.



We have to find ways to relax. We have to do the things that bring us joy and peace. Do those activities. Take a moment and breathe because you will need the energy to take action with the things that are within your power.

What are some of the ways that you deal with uncertainty in your life?


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  1. great advice!


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