New Year Aspirations

For the new year, I've compiled a short list of what I aspire for 2016: My New Year Aspirations.

Every new year, I aspire for more of the good and a lot of the new. I think about ways that I can continue to make my life reflect what will make me content. Below are my aspirations for the new year and onwards.

Schedule Fun Time

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Scheduling fun time is something that I was able to incorporate last year. I’m just going to give myself a pat on the back now. I wasn’t always good at this.You can’t let yourself get buried in work. Therefore, I endeavor to continue to make time to relax, to laugh, to enjoy my life.

Exercise More

I go to the gym once, twice a week. I want that to change. I want to go to the gym more often. One way I can make this happen is by having more variety. I enjoy yoga. Therefore, I’m going to incorporate that more into my routine to make exercise fun for me.

If exercise is something that you’ve been battling with, I also recommend you find ways to make it work for you too. There are forms of exercise that you can incorporate into your routine that will make it an enjoyable experience.


2016 post 2

Photo Courtesy of BK

I want to make more time for romance, for dates. I hung around with someone I had feelings for my last semester in college. It was clear I had feelings for him. But he was uncertain. I, unfortunately, danced along in his uncertainty. But confusion is not fun. It is frustrating and unfair. If you know what you want, make that clear. If the other person doesn’t know, tell them they should call you when they figure it out. My romantic aspirations for the New Year: don’t pursue those who aren’t certain about you.

Do Great Work

I endeavor to always do work that I’m proud off. I hope to do work that’s exceptional. I believe that shows a lot about a person. And of course, great work leads to opportunities.

What do you aspire for this 2016 and onwards?


I’m the author of Reflect EveryDay, a Lifestyle Blog to provide motivation and inspiration. I created this blog to share my thoughts and experiences because I'm passionate about writing and engaging in discussions about life. Engaging in discussions on learning how to live well and handle life's challenges. I've featured articles in Her Daily, the Aloud Blog for New York Women in Communications and FindSpark Blog. I enjoy working on causes that support women, girls, and young professionals.

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