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What Disappointment Taught Me

We've all experienced disappointment in our lives. Disappointment can come in many forms and it can teach us about ourselves.

We’ve all experienced disappointment in our lives. Disappointment can come in many forms. It could be a disappointment in a friendship or in a romantic pursuit.


Have you had friends you were close to but the friendship didn’t last?

I’ve learned through disappointment with friends to accept that friendships can be for a season. Things come to an end and that’s okay. That’s why you have to make the most of where you find yourself in life. Enjoy the moment. Enjoy the people around you because things change.

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Disappointment in friendship can help you evaluate who you were in that friendship. It helps you evaluate what you liked or disliked. This helps you as you move on. You know who you want in your life. When a friendship with someone I was close to faded, I learned a lot about myself. I learned that I don’t want to be around someone who makes me feel inferior for having a different perspective or belief. I also learned that I was dependent on someone else for fun, experiences, and validation. That’s my responsibility.


I’ve had disappointment with love. If you can relate, you can understand that it’s frustrating.

There are people that I’ve felt the attraction to but not emotionally. I let myself be filled with hope and strung along for the sake of there being something. I’ve had experiences where there wasn’t an attraction but there was an emotional connection. I let myself believe that maybe if I flirted or if we hung out one more time, it would transform into something.

But we have to be realistic. We have to look at the signs and admit when there isn’t something there or anything more.

One of my close friends sent me the article below and I think it’s great. It’s about how we shouldn’t go into things unless we strongly believe “Yes, this is what I want!” It’s a fun and insightful read.


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