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How to Handle Fear of Rejection

Rejection happens in life and there are ways to keep pushing. I provide information on how I've faced my fear of rejection.

We will all face rejection at some points in our lives. We shouldn’t allow ourselves to be consumed by the fear of rejection that we do not make an attempt to try.

Fear of Rejection in Professional Pursuits

I obtained an internship that I was seeking at a publishing house. Though I obtained the internship I want, I faced rejection before getting there.

I applied to media outlets that I did not get into. I was called in to interview for CNN. It was an opportunity that I was excited for but it didn’t work out. But then there was an opportunity to intern at Norton. I applied for a spring internship but I didn’t get in. The recruiter would later call me back and ask if I wanted the position for the summer. When you go after things you want, you might not obtain it at the moment you want. But don’t give up. The opportunity can present itself again. It’s important that you be willing to try. Even if you are rejected, it’s best to have made an attempt to go after what you want.

How to cope with Feeling Fear in Romantic Pursuits

There was a man that I had been interested in for a while. I had an interest yet I didn’t do anything. This bothered me. I wanted to take action. Making the first move was uncomfortable. I asked him out. He said Yes. Before asking him out, I was apprehensive. But I put myself out there and it wasn’t the worst thing in the world.

Be willing to be bold and be uncomfortable. Face your fears. It won’t ruin you. If anything, it will make it easier for you to continue to push through. When you practice being bold once, regardless of the outcome, there is strength and pride that comes in the act.

What are your thoughts on handling the fear of rejection?



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