10 Simple Reasons To Smile

To be happy, to smile can appear to be the easiest and yet the most difficult thing to do. But taking the time to remember the things that make me happy puts me in the best mood. It releases my smile. So I created a list of things that make me smile.


I feel fortunate to blessed with parents who have raised me. Who have provided for and supported me. I do not take it for granted at all.


When I think about the presence of God in my life, I’m moved to the point of tears. Through the happiest and challenging times in my life, it is my faith that keeps me going. It is my belief in who he says I am that gives me joy.


Art feeds my spirit. You will see me walking in a gallery and my eyes fixated on a piece. β€˜There’s something about art that makes you lose and find yourself.”



Books are my comfort place. Books educate me. Books enlighten me. Books motivate me. Books take me to another world. Books are my comfort place.


It was Bob Marley that said when the music hits you, you feel no pain. My favorite artist includes Chris Martin, Adele and Beyonce. There’s something about their voice that moves me. I listen to songs and life feels good. It’s hard to dance and feel bad at the same time.


Exercise is essential for my emotional well-being. Exercise is a major confidence booster. Exercise uplifts me and gives me energy. Exercise always puts me in a good mood.


I love being in nature. Nature to me is a form of art. It’s beautiful. It’s a place for me to admire God’s creation. It’s alsoΒ a place where I feel most at peace and relaxed.


Reading poetry is sipping a good cup of tea. It warms and refreshes you. You want more.

Intellectual Conversations

I’m always drawn to people that I can have those deep conversations with. I love asking the why questions. I love discussing notions of identity, home, belonging and purpose. Those conversations fuel me. They bring me great happiness.


My favorite movies are always comedies. I love to laugh. People like Tina Fey and Steve Carrel are my favorite comedians. I’m a serious woman that loves to laugh.

When life gets difficult, remembering what gives us joy can bring us happiness.Β What are some of the things that give you joy?

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